The Developer's Guide

to Content Creation 

The book for devs who want to consistently and confidently generate new ideas and publish high-quality technical content.

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The Developer's Guide to Book Publishing

A thorough break down of traditional publishing and self-publishing, and how to determine which is best for you. Coming out on May 19, 2020.

About the author

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I'm a content strategist with extensive experience working in the developer space.


And I want to show you what I know.

I've spent years crafting content written for, and by developers. For two years, I was the main writer for the Bundler and RubyGems open source projects. I served as editor-in-chief of DigitalOcean and GitHub's company blogs, where I regularly tapped engineers to write eng-focused blog posts. I've edited technical content, including print books (O'Reilly Media and CRC Press), magazines (Recompiler Magazine), and eBooks (Bubblesort Zines). I've written landing page copy to help freelance developers and dev shops get more business. I've secured media placements for developer advocates in publications like DZone and InfoQ, and I've coached developer advocates on content marketing best practices. 

These experiences have taught me the ins and outs of effective content creation for developer audiences. If you've ever wanted to create a blog, or if you've had trouble maintaining momentum and publishing new content regularly, this book is for you. I'll show you how to create a blog (or any other content vehicle) that is relevant to your readers and keeps them interested and engaged.

You Will Learn How To


Craft a mission statement that clearly defines your blog's goals and target audience


Find new content ideas anywhere 


Optimize your content at every stage of the process from ideation to promotion

Guided exercises and worksheets in every chapter

Links to applicable tools and resources 


Tried and tested best practices

What's Included

A comprehensive explanation of the end-to-end content process

Real-life examples illustrating concepts in every chapter

Guided exercises and worksheets in every chapter

Links to applicable tools and resources 

Tips for pitching tech publications

List of books for continued exploration

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